Practice Areas

We practice every major facet of real estate and business-related law. Our lawyers advise clients every step of the way, from concept and organizational structure through entitlements, construction and occupancy, and continuing through planning and implementing the exit strategy. In business matters, we represent clients in structuring entities and ventures, as well as in a broad spectrum of commercial transactions and contracts. From a risk management perspective, we help develop and coordinate insurance programs and indemnities. We also represent parties in mediation, arbitration and litigation, including motion, trial and appellate work in state and federal courts.

Our clients benefit from our team approach. As a real estate industry practice group, we bring together the talent and disciplines needed to successfully address the issues at hand. Some examples of how we team up:

  • Transactions will involve land use in due diligence matters involving entitlements and financing districts

  • Litigation will engage transactions to help structure and implement settlement agreements that involve purchase and sale escrows, financing arrangements or buy-out transactions among tenants-in-common or partners

  • Transactions will collaborate with risk management on unique or complicated indemnity or insurance aspects of transactions, or to provide input on contract provisions governing alternative methods of resolving disputes

  • Land use will involve transactions on conveyances and agreements needed to satisfy development conditions and effect mitigation measures

  • Transactions will coordinate with Common Interest Developments to structure a condominium or apartment project to facilitate financing, including for affordable housing elements